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Welcome to Canada

Asian Home in St. Catharines, ON provides all manner of services and support for new immigrants coming into Canada. Whether you’re a student or a family, if you’re in the process of immigration from your homeland then you have a lot of work ahead of you. From the immigration application process to finding a home and a job, Asian Home is here to help you through the various challenges of getting settled. We can provide immigration consultation, legal assistance, financial consultation, Visa renewals, and personal care services to help you get started in your permanent or temporary life here.

Our Services Include

  • Legal Consultancy Services
  • Mortgage Loan Assistance
  • Personal Care Services
  • Self-employment Service
  • Visa Renewal

To view our immigration consultation and legal services in more detail, click here, or visit our Services page.

Leave Your Worries with Us

Let us take the stress and anxiety out of your international move. We’ll help you overcome the hurdles of moving, acclimating and claiming your place in this beautiful country. We will even pick you up from the airport and contact your family to advise them of your safe arrival - and we’re only getting started!