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What Asian Home Is All About

If you’re looking for immigration consultation or legal services for your immigration to Canada, look no farther than Asian Home. A new company, we are based in St. Catharines, ON but our immigration lawyers and consultants can help you with your needs no matter where in Canada you are moving to. We can provide many of our services via phone, fax, email or post, however, or office is available for our St. Catharines local new residents to stop in and have a chat about the types of services you need and how we may assist.

Our Team

Asian Home is comprised of a team of Toronto and Niagara Region English and Chinese immigration lawyers, accountants, real estate agents and senior immigration consultants. Together we have a great deal of experience with the immigration process and a wealth of resources at your disposal.

Learn About Our Services

It is our pleasure to help you overcome any difficulties you may be encountering in regards to self-employment or immigration issues with our legal or consultation services.