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Comprehensive Immigration Assistance

If you’ve just set foot on Canadian soil, you are likely in need of some type of immigration assistance, whether it is for consultation or legal services or financial advice. St. Catharines, ON is home to Asian Home, a new consultation company for Chinese immigrants entering Canada. We can provide assistance in a great number of ways to help make your immigration seamless and stress-free.

Help with the Formalities

  • Accompany doctor visits and provide assistance with communication with the doctor
  • Apply for driver’s license, health care, SIN (Social insurance Number) and medical insurance
  • Help buy living necessities
  • Help with opening bank account, cell phone and access to the Internet
  • Notarization of all kinds, education certification and certificate of authorization

Applying for and Renewing Visas

  • Immigration consultation
  • Multiple-entry Visa
  • Off-campus Visa
  • Post-graduate work permit
  • School transfer and credit transfer
  • Study permit
  • US Visa
  • Visiting Visa (help with short-term accommodation for visiting parents)

Providing Legal Advice & Business Consultation

  • Apply for building permit and business license
  • Apply for liquor license for restaurants
  • Decoration design, flyer design printing and business card design printing
  • Mortgage loan
  • Offer all kinds of legal advice when accidents occur
  • Open bank account for the company
  • Provide business bookkeeper support
  • Provide commercial renovation guidance
  • Register for co-operated and unlimited company